January 2, 2009

Who Does Number 2 Work For? Slashfood.

I have little excuse for that title. 2 is my favorite number. It's not enough. I know.

I've decided to start the year by listing who I write for, what I write, and my favorite posts.

I'll start with Slashfood, for whom I used to write (no bad feelings, shifting in the AOL world bumped me off; I still work for four of their sites). I'm hardly a food expert, but I created a lot of traffic with crazy ideas like I'm Addicted to Imitation Crab and translated random phrases into Japanese with the Google Translator to get people excited about Iron Chef Japan. It was fun.

My favorite posts, besides the above masterpieces (obviously) were:

("Goodbye Slash Food" a'la Google Translator)

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