October 16, 2013

Open Letter to Slow Drivers of Minneapolis - A Rant

Photo by @anniedanger on Instagram
Dear People Who Like to Drive 20 Miles Per Hour to Work in the Morning,

The hatred I feel for you can ONLY BE FELT by a woman who has not had her first cup of coffee, and MAYBE Lewis Black, and MAYBE wild bears. You are a barrier BETWEEN ME AND MY COFFEE, and my work, which I like, on an otherwise lovely, tree-lined, regrettably single-lane commute.

The stoplights. The stoplights are timed for 30 mph. That means, Dear People, that you have instantly transformed our path to downtown from a reasonable 8 minutes to a heartbreaking 18 minutes right off the bat. Don't you like NOT being in the car? Don't you have people who love you?

September 30, 2013

Rick Owens' Spring 2014 Paris - Interview with Choreographer LeeAnet Noble

If you haven't seen it yet, here is Rick Owens' Spring 2014 womenswear show in Paris, directed and choreographed by mother-daughter team Loretta and LeeAnet Noble. Theatrical? Yes. Fashion forward? Yes. Light-years ahead of its time? ALSO YES. WATCH IT.

I could wax poetical about this moment in fashion history for pages, but readers, I have something better for you: choreographer LeeAnet Noble and I were in a couple of plays together in NYC (most notably The Less We Talk by Hoi Polloi at the Ontological- Hysteric Theater), and she was kind enough to answer some questions.

Annie Scott Riley: I know you from the downtown theater scene in NYC. Is that how Rick Owens found you? 

LeeAnet Noble: One of the producers for Rick Owens fashion week shows Asha Mines worked with me previously while I was in the troupe Step Afrika and also knew of my work in STOMP and thought I was perfect for the job. 

ASR: When you were invited to be part of this project and given the task to choreograph it, what did they ask you for? Or did they just say "LeeAnet, do your thing and make this amazing?"

LN: First they gave me Rick Owens vision and lots of videos clips of what inspired him which was the intensity of female steppers from sororities making the grit face like the men in the fraternities, tribal war dances and unity. Then Asha from his team let me know what needed to happen to display the clothes and what the set was then I took that and came up with the moves and steps the girls would do as one team.

ASR: Everyone noticed the powerful emotional charge in the women's faces during the stepping. What story were you telling?

September 22, 2013

Google Glass Eventuality: Behavioral Plugins

via elderscrolls.wikia.com
Horrifying realization! It has to do with Google Glass, video games, and social awkwardness.

Above is a screenshot of the Skyrim persuasion wheel. Bear with me, non-gamers, this applies to you, too. Basically, the wheel gives you options for how to relate to someone. You choose one, then the wheel turns and the game measures how much that person likes you. If they make a disliking face, you are punished. If they make a happy face, you are rewarded. It's a simple mini-game that's easy to learn to win every time.

Contrast that with ...

Today, I was working on the Minnesota Fringe Festival video I shot with my Google Glass  I was watching things shot in the lobby before and after the show I wrote, as well as the "Fringe Central" bar The Crooked Pint. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's painful to watch yourself "schmoozing." I guess I knew it would be, but to have to relive your awkward jokes, nervous laughter and casual faux pas is extremely cringe-inducing. Filming my own social interactions is definitely not my new favorite thing to do with Google Glass. 

August 29, 2013

Internet Cat Film Festival 2013 - A Review

The Internet Cat Video Festival is a project by the Walker Art Center and was proudly put together at this year's Minnesota State Fair. Finally, the State Fair, full of everything-on-a-stick, mullets and farm animals, got what it has always been missing: CATS. And people showed up in droves:

June 19, 2013

30 Blogs in 30 Days, 30. You

I bought Google Glass, with some help from work. My cat was seen for surgery today, so she didn't have to endure 9 more days of pain and bloody sneezing (thanks Kenwood Pet Clinic!), and she's very snuggly and tired. My Fringe show is going well. I'm still not dead from Theralac.

"But enough about me," she said, 8 years into blogging. "Let's talk about you."

Who are you people? In the last 30 days, you have visited my blog over 8,000 times, averaging over 265 visits per day. Thank you. Now, here's what I know about you:



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